Waves for Change: An Isiqalo initiative - Social Development through surfing

" Isiqalo: The Beginning". Harnessing the power of sport to create a better future for vulnerable youth in South Africa's townships."

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Waves for Change featured in February Edition of Surfer Magazine

Waves for Change is proud to be featured in the February edition of Surfer Magazine - the world's largest surfing publication. The article - Kazi Surf Cult - written by Andy Davis, documents the rise of Waves for Change Khayelitsha and...view article

Tim's Blog: Why surfing fits the W4C model

“Only a surfer knows the feeling….” It’s a well-known phrase touted by surfers and surf brands alike but, although cliché, its importance lies at the very heart of Waves for Change. You could say that any fool can kick a football, pick...view blog post

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